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Resolving Tax Controversies On Your Behalf

Technical terms that the IRS and state tax authorities use often do not begin to capture the devastating financial consequences they can introduce for an individual, family or business. A “proposed adjustment” or notice from the service center that you are required to provide additional financial information may signify a tax liability that is far beyond your current means.

At the highly regarded Illinois law firm Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd., we help people deal with tax problems — often called “tax controversies” — every working day. When you contact our firm, you can speak and work directly with a tax adviser and tax litigation attorney licensed to practice for well more than 20 years. Mr. Karos is also a CPA with invaluable corporate leadership and IRS employment experience.

Have You Received A Proposed Adjustment? Concerned About A Tax Audit?

Other than annual refunds, if applicable, virtually no one wants to receive tax-related correspondence. One common scenario is receipt of a proposed adjustment: This typically means a review of your tax return indicated you owe more money — potentially many thousands or hundreds of thousands more, depending on the circumstances.

Dependable Tax Advice And Skilled Representation In Your Meeting Or Hearing

In reality, you may or may not owe this amount. Determining and potentially contesting that are jobs for a dedicated tax professional. Many people who try to advocate themselves make critical mistakes they later fiercely regret. Our firm steps in capably in this situation and others, including:

  • Providing essential analysis, guidance and representation if you are required to respond to a notice or appear for an office audit
  • Pursuing a well-prepared, technically sound appeal if an auditor has drawn a questionable or incorrect conclusion
  • Taking your matter to the appropriate tax court if this imposing, but viable step, makes economic sense for you

Offices In Naperville And Southwest Michigan: Tax Audits And Appeals Lawyers Equipped To Advocate Skillfully For You

Based in Naperville, tax controversy lawyers Demetrius J. Karos and Kayla Karos Shiple have built a reputation throughout greater Chicago and beyond for providing clear, practical counsel and earning results. If you are facing a major tax setback or are worried about the outcome of a pending audit, contact our firm at 815-534-4402 and schedule your consultation today.