Decades Of Tax And Estate Planning Experience

If you are facing a tax controversy with the IRS or a state tax agency, our extensive experience can help you secure the best possible solution.

Creating Effective Tax Solutions

At Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd., we understand tax law and how to help people secure optimal solutions to the most challenging situations. Attorney Demetrius Karos has been helping people with tax issues before the IRS and tax agencies in more than 20 states since 1989. He formerly worked for the IRS and he understands how they approach various types of issues. Mr. Karos is a CPA who also holds a Master of Science in taxation (M.S.T.) from DePaul University. No matter how difficult your situation, we can help.

Exploring Your Options, Finding The Best Way Forward

Most challenging situations have more than one way to resolve them. Whether it is a tax controversy or an estate planning issue, we will analyze your circumstances and outline the different ways that we can move to resolve your situation. We will help you make the most informed choice and then we will pursue that solution. From negotiating to litigating against the IRS and other tax agencies or building a comprehensive estate plan, we will help you secure the best possible outcome.

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