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Unfiled Tax Return Lawyers

Many people go years without filing IRS or state tax returns. Other financial pressures, personal crises and phobias often factor into the failure to meet this obligation. While we can reassure you that you are far from alone if this describes your situation, it is critical to recognize just how serious the consequences may be — and to take action to set things right with the government.

Have You Ignored IRS Notices? Has The IRS Filed Returns For You?

If you have unfiled returns, you can turn to us at Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd. for a thorough assessment of your overall tax plight and resourceful guidance on what you must do. Mr. Karos is a proven tax negotiator and litigator and also a CPA equipped to explain options and next steps for:

  • Getting current, stopping more tax penalties and interest from accruing, and avoiding potential criminal prosecution
  • Formulating and presenting a viable, reasonable offer in compromise enabling you to pay less than the total tax debt you owe or negotiating an installment plan allowing you to pay over time
  • Liquidating property and assets that are not essential to your basic life needs in order to settle with the IRS and/or Illinois Department of Revenue

Further Delays Will Only Increase Your Liabilities And Exposure

The key issue now is not why you failed to file a return in an unusual year or why you failed to file returns for many years. It is how to find the least painful path to resolution. Even if the IRS has not begun sending notices or enacting liens and levies, they will catch up with you at some point — perhaps when you make a pension withdrawal, apply for a marriage license or complete a loan application.

An IRS Tax Debt Lawyer Many Other Professionals Recommend

You can turn to unfiled tax returns lawyers Demetrius J. Karos and Mrs. Karos Shiple for compassionate yet realistic advice and results-driven tax representation. We have assisted many individuals referred to us by bankruptcy attorneys and other advisers as well as business owners dealing with tough issues such as unpaid trust fund taxes.

To request a consultation focused squarely on your unique tax return situation and real options for addressing it, call 800-465-6208 or email our law offices anytime.