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IRS Offers In Compromise Lawyers

If you owe a sizable federal tax debt, that problem will not go away. Trying to deal with it on your own may be futile. The Internal Revenue Service has vast resources and formidable powers to hold you accountable. Only an experienced, well-credentialed tax lawyer can assess your real options and help you deal with the IRS effectively.

Can You Qualify For An OIC? Are There Other Viable Solutions?

An IRS offer in compromise (OIC) is one possible remedy for your serious tax situation. However, people are bombarded with misinformation about what it takes to negotiate an OIC. Radio ads, internet listings and late-night television commercials make “paying pennies on the dollar” sound certain and straightforward. In most respects, they are simply not to be believed.

Direct, Reliable Counsel From A Proven Negotiator And Tax Litigator

At Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd., we do not trade on false hope. We offer the truth straight up and work tenaciously to execute real solutions. Here, you will interact directly with a Chicago-Joliet area IRS offers in compromise lawyer who previously worked for the IRS, holds a Master of Science in taxation and has been a CPA for 30 years. Our focus will be squarely on:

  • Getting to the crux of your tax problem and evaluating every possible solution, including an appeal if audit findings or the amount you owe is questionable
  • Thoroughly assessing your assets and liabilities to determine whether an offer in compromise is an option and pursuing it skillfully if so
  • Analyzing your eligibility for other remedies such as an installment agreement or another payment plan

Offices In Naperville And Southwest Michigan: A Tax Controversy Lawyer You Can Trust

Attorneys Demetrius J. Karos and Kayla Karos Shiple have successfully negotiated many offers in compromise for qualifying individuals and businesses. Our law firm frequently receives referrals from accountants, financial advisers and other attorneys who know their clients will receive the utmost in qualified representation with integrity.

Wherever you reside in the Chicago metro area or elsewhere in Illinois, you can turn to us for the results-focused tax counsel you need. We encourage you to take a positive step today by scheduling a consultation on your tax concerns, however troubling and complex they may be. Call us at 815-534-4402 or 800-465-6208.