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Do I Need To Have A Will?

If you are over the age of 18, you may create a will if you are of sound mind. A will is a legal document you create with instructions about whom you want to distribute your personal property such as your jewelry, books, clothing, cars, household items and bank accounts, as well as your real property, to upon your death.

If your children are still minors, you may also nominate a guardian for your minor children in your will. A will is not an expensive process but it is an important one to give your family clarity and a declaration of your wishes when they need it most.

What Happens If I Do Not Have A Will?

Without a will, the state courts intervene to distribute your assets under probate laws. Probate laws outline a preset formula for distribution of assets, which may include family members, or heirs, you are not fond of.

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Our Experience Helps You Protect Your Legacy

Creating a will before you die will give you peace of mind knowing your minor children will be properly cared for and your assets, your home and your property will be distributed to the people or organizations you want them to be distributed to.

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