Installment Agreements & Payment Plans

Do You Need Time To Pay Off Your Tax Debt? Will You Qualify?

The IRS and Illinois Department of Revenue have broad, decisive powers to collect on your tax obligations. While these authorities may be open to reasonable alternatives to seizing your assets, their expectation is that you will be proactive and pay what you owe, whatever steps and personal sacrifices that requires.

At the law firm of Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd., we help many people with tax balances due of $25,000 or more negotiate manageable payment agreements — and under some circumstances, reach offers in compromise — with the IRS. If you owe less, you may be successful working directly with the IRS to arrange an installment agreement. You can count on our legal team for an honest recommendation based on your circumstances.

A Proven, Highly Professional Approach To Negotiations With The IRS

Mr. Karos is a widely respected Chicago tax lawyer for installment agreements and other solutions. He is also a CPA who is exceptionally qualified to analyze your overall financial picture and clearly explain what may be acceptable to the IRS or state authorities. This level of professionalism often proves critical to success in such matters.

Trying to negotiate a solution to a large tax debt on your own or contacting a national company based on a promise that you can “pay pennies on the dollar” are both actions that often lead to regret for tax debtors. If you have a potentially serious problem, please get legitimately qualified, experienced counsel from a real tax lawyer.

Consult A Lawyer About Payment Plans · Naperville And Frankfort Locations

Deeply experienced metro Chicago tax attorney Demetrius J. Karos provides solid, individualized analysis and straight talk — not false hope. For a consultation focused on your tax problem and the best way to solve it, call 800-465-6208 or email our law firm today.

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Make an appointment at one of our conveniently located offices today.