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Help With Tax Liens In Chicago And Nationwide

Tax liens and levies are powerful tools that Congress has given the IRS to enforce the law, execute collections and maintain the system. Many people make the serious mistake of ignoring IRS demands until they are hit with seizure of a bank account, had a direct deposit intercepted or had a lien placed on real estate or other assets.

Has The IRS Frozen An Account, Intercepted Income Or Placed A Lien On Your Property?

If you owe a substantial tax debt — or the IRS claims you do — procrastination is like playing with fire. Whether you are already feeling the consequences of a tax lien or are dreading the next step a tax authority will take, it is essential to consult a proven, knowledgeable Chicago tax liens lawyer as soon as you can.

Offices In Naperville And Southwest Michigan: A Tax Levies Lawyer Prepared To Help

Attorney Demetrius J. Karos has well more than 20 years of experience dealing with complex tax issues, negotiating with the IRS and skillfully pursuing litigation when that makes sense. He will analyze the source of your tax lien or levy and your overall financial situation to identify the best viable solution for you. Important considerations include:

  • It may be possible to get a tax lien or levy lifted by negotiating a payment plan or, in some situations, a serious, well-prepared offer in compromise.
  • If you believe your situation was caused by an auditing error or another technical mistake, we have the resources to substantiate that and file an appeal.
  • A lien on real property does not always mean a foreclosure and sale will quickly follow, but it will likely make getting personal or business credit impossible.
  • You must be willing to confront your tax obligation and “get current” with the IRS, and that may require sale of other assets or other financial actions you are reluctant to make.

Turn To An Illinois Tax Attorney Who Knows How To Negotiate With The IRS

The longer you wait to deal with your tax obligation, the fewer options you may have for keeping money and property, sustaining your business or otherwise avoiding financial devastation. If you want a lawyer who will act as your liaison to the IRS and target the most favorable outcome possible, schedule a consultation with us at Demetrius J. Karos, Ltd. Call 815-534-4402.