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Probate Lawyers Serving Naperville

When a loved one has passed away and his or her affairs must be settled, clear guidance and efficient service from an attorney you can trust are indispensable. The language in wills and other estate documents is often complex, and the legal requirements associated with settling even a relatively modest estate are intimidating for most people.

Probate attorney Demetrius J. Karos has in-depth knowledge of the Illinois probate process and the nuances of trust administration. Licensed to practice law since 1989, he is also a certified public accountant (CPA) with extensive tax law knowledge that may be invaluable for you. Under his leadership, our legal team emphasizes clear, direct communication and maximum efficiency.

Dedicated Counsel For Executors, Trustees, Heirs And Beneficiaries

Whether the decedent left only a basic will, passed away intestate or had multiple trusts and specific bequests in place, we are equipped to usher you through all necessary legal steps. Deeply experienced metro Chicago probate lawyers, Mr. Karos and Mrs. Karos Shiple have stepped in to guide many executors, personal representatives and trustees, striving for the promptest possible resolution while rigorously protecting their interests.

Having drafted and reviewed many trusts of various types as well as the full range of other estate planning documents, Mr. Karos and Mrs. Karos Shiple are also impeccably qualified to assist you with trust administration at any level of complexity. Ensuring the decedent’s wishes are properly interpreted and carried out, taking measures to prevent disputes between beneficiaries and keeping clients informed are strengths of our firm.

Help For Your Probate Matter

We maintain a Naperville office conveniently located just north of the Historic District. Please call 815-534-4402 or email us anytime to arrange a consultation focused on your specific needs involving probate or trust administration.