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When is it a good time to work with a tax attorney?

| Oct 1, 2020 | Tax Law

You want to stay on top of your federal income taxes to avoid the possibility of triggering an audit. Some indications that you may want to get in touch with your tax attorney include if:

  • Your business is growing, so your tax returns are becoming more complex
  • Your personal income is complex and coming from multiple streams
  • You work as an independent contractor or have hobby income that may make you liable for a greater proportion of taxes
  • You have a taxable estate
  • You’re already being audited

Taxes are complex. Many people don’t feel confident preparing their own taxes or representing themselves if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has questions or concerns about their tax returns.

It’s a good idea to talk to your tax attorney about your concerns so you can find out how the situation can best be handled.

How do you choose a tax attorney?

To choose your tax attorney, ask a few questions, e.g., which area of tax law they specialize in, how much they charge or what is their history of results, It’s also a good idea to ask for references. You can also call the Bar Association and ask if they are a member in good standing.

Whether you’re being accused of tax fraud or errors by the IRS or you just want to be sure that you’re doing your business taxes correctly, talking to your tax attorney is a good idea. They will work closely with you to ensure compliance with all applicable tax laws. Should you need to mitigate damages from failing to pay sufficient taxes or if you’re accused of a crime, they can direct your defense to any allegations.

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