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Are you Self Employed?

Being self employed has many advantages. Freedom, income potential, controlling one's destiny are a few. Remember that while some of those advantages also come with additional responsibility.To keep you on the right track, the following are some reminders for any self...

Do Not Leave Money on the Table

Your children are worth an enormous amount to you. They are also worth money on your tax return in the form of a Child Tax Credit. Here is some guidance about the credit. Five Things to Know About the Child Tax CreditThe Child Tax Credit is a tax credit that may save...

What is your Correct Status?

Choosing the correct filing status is important. The correct status might save you money and could eliminate the IRS coming back and challenging the status on a previous tax filing.Here is a brief synopsis of the each filing status: Choosing the Correct Filing...

Exemptions are Worth Money!

It is alway a good idea to review your exemptions and whom you support. This could be the situation in a divorce, elderly parents or the care for a another person's child. Here is a good review of some of the dependency requirements. How Exemptions and Dependents Can...


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Make an appointment at one of our conveniently located offices today.