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Simple Year End Tax Planning Reminders

There have not been many big tax changes this year but some of the reminders in this articles are worth noting and worthy of you reviewing your own personal tax situation. The only item I would add is to make sure that you have enough paid in to the Federal or...

Do Not Leave Money on the Table

The government provides a credit for certain low income taxpayers. The credit may apply whether or not you have children or dependents. If you meet the requirements, a taxpayer may get a nice refund and certainly more than the taxpayer expected. Here is an excellent...

Charitable Gift Planning for Year End Giving

One of the common year end rituals is to make charitable contributions prior to the end of the tax year. Many charities rely on the year end giving and it is an opportunity for the individual to review their own tax situation and make the appropriate gifts. Here are...

Saver’s Credits to Consider

Want to contribute to a company retirement plan but cash flow is tight? The government offers credits to minimize some of the sting that is caused when contibuting to a company plan.Consider these options before you decide not to make that retirement...


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