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When Should You Amend Your Return?

If you make a mistake on your tax return, speak to your tax preparer to determine whether an amended return should be filed. You may be entitled to a refund or you may owe money. Being proactive could eliminate future notices from the IRS for unreported income and may...

State Taxes Can Hurt

Many of us focus on the Federal tax and forget the tax hit caused by the state tax. Here is an article with 10 states that are expensive in more ways than just the income tax.

Got Education? Get a Credit from the IRS

Education can be expensive.  Tuition, books, and supplies, all of these costs add up. Congress recognized this cost and provided the taxpayers with various credits to take some of the sting out of the significant outlay for the cost of higher education. Here...

Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses?

Moving can be very stressful as well as an expensive process. The current tax law provides for a deduction for some but not all moving related expenses. A little planning can take some of the sting out of a move. Unfortunately, there is no help for the stress....

Watch for Scams

Criminals get creative everyday. A taxpayer can always consult with an accountant or an attorney before proceedings begin. Knowing your rights and options can provide a better solution and may help avoid some of the current scams by criminals posing as an IRS...

Miscellaneous Deductions Can Cut Taxes

Managing your miscellaneous deductions is very important and could be worth money to you. As your income increases, so does the two percent floor that you must over come in order to start deducting miscellaneous deductions. Here are a few tips to watch for in your tax...

Got a Balance Due with the IRS?

Most taxpayers have adequate withholding and receive a refund every year. What if there is a balance due? Many taxpayers make the mistake of not filing a tax return. Unfortunately, that creates many other problems and the issues do not go away. Here are a...


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Make an appointment at one of our conveniently located offices today.